The Regulations of the WACA

WACA - Bilingual International School is a place of instruction and education which combines different users: students, teachers, parents, school staff. The life of a community to which casual visitors to add, requires one and all to live and work safely in the High School.

A / users Duties
B / Homework students
C / Students' rights
D / Pedagogy
E / Sanctions
F / Parental responsibility

1- Inside the High School every user has the imperative duty:

To respect the physical and moral integrity of persons, behave with politeness and courtesy and show tolerance towards others.

To respect the integrity and cleanliness of premises and equipment available to the community by the school's administration,

Respect the individual or collective property by refraining from theft or damage inside the High School

To respect the political beliefs, ideological and religious people and to refrain from making religious prosélytisme- or political propaganda.
No external signs (dress or whatever) membership of a political or religious group will be allowed in the facility.

Failure to comply with any such bounden duty can lead to a student's suspension or expulsion, and to other road users, the prohibition of access in the preparation and possible prosecution before a competent court.