The West African College of the Atlantic (WACA) / Lycée International Bilingue is a bilingual, secular and mixed school which opened its doors in 1996 in the neighborhood of Ouakam with the ambition to offer its students a bilingual education with an international perspective.

Its objective is to prepare students for social and professional success, opening the door to opportunities to study at internationally-recognized institutions of higher education, and to provide students with the means to become responsible global citizens by developing individual responsibility and undertaking collective action. The institution is accredited by the Senegalese Ministry of Education and the International Baccalaureate Organization in Geneva and provides a French-based Senegalese secondary education reinforced by elements from French, British and American programs. The institution was established by Mrs DL Hill, who has taught extensively in other countries. She oversees the direction of WACA. The school has around 200 students, the vast majority being Senegalese.